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This is the DS Downloads Page. It's a mirror of every DS flashcart firmware and software file that I can get my hands on.
Because a large majority of these cards come from Asia, the servers the files are hosted on are slow, unreadable and unreliable for the rest of the world. My server is fast and it is always available.
I also keep a complete version archive, just in case anyone needs old versions and the developers' sites don't keep them.

Please read the guides in the Tutorials and Guides category to fix common problems, before contacting me.


The files hosted are simply firmware updates and their related PC software. No copyright, infringing or illegal information or software of any kind is contained.

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NOTE 14th-11-2010 As always I'm behind on a lot of R4 updates, I'm again working (slowly) away on some things to speed up the updates so one of these days I'll get to them.

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And remember to read the guides in the Tutorials category first (especially if you're asking about R4s).

I will not answer questions about where or how to download commercial games.

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Everything M3:
M3 Sakura Latest: v1.49a 3rd Updated: 2008
M3 Sakura is a newer official loader for the M3 Real. Co-developed by the author of Moonshell, it has a new GUI with integrated media playback functions. It also dual-boots the original M3 Real Loader, so it fully replaces the old loader.
M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero Latest: v4.9a x74 Updated: 2011
Official Site
The M3 DS Real and the G6 DS Real are the latest Slot-1 flashcards to come from the well known M3 Team.
The M3i Zero is a redesigned M3 Real that is compatible with the DSi. It features externally upgradable firmware/bootloader by use of a USB cable, so it can always be updated regardless of DSi firmware updates.
M3 BootMenu 'Kaura' Latest: v0.9 beta1 Updated: 2010
Official Site
This is a new official loader bundle for the M3 Real and M3i Zero, called v2.1 BootMenu or 'Kaura'. It also includes Sakura and TouchPod.
M3 Simply Latest: v1.14 Updated: 2008
Official Site
The M3 Team's first Slot-1 flashcard, is an 'official' clone of sorts, of the R4. It, along with the R4, has ended support and been discontinued.
M3 Perfect v31 - v36 Updated: 2008
M3 Perfect/Lite Firmware and Game Manager v31 - 36
M3 Perfect v16 - v30 Updated: 2007
M3 Perfect/Lite Firmware and Game Manager v16 - 30
M3 Perfect v01 - v15 Updated: 2007
M3 Perfect/Lite Firmware and Game Manager v01 - 15
M3 Perfect Tools/Files Updated: 2008
G6 Flash / G6 Lite Kernel: v4.8 UDisk: v5.1 Updated: 2008
Official Site, Official Download Site
The G6 is the M3 Team's Slot-2 card with internal memory rather than a memory card slot.
Everything AceKard:
Wood RPG Latest: v1.31 Updated: 2011
AKAIO Latest: v1.8.7 Updated: 2011
AceKard 2/2i Latest: v4.23 Updated: 2011
Official Site
The AceKard 2 is another card from the AceKard team. It uses microSD cards, and has no internal memory.
The AceKard 2i is the DSi compatible version. It shares the same loader.
AceKard RPG Latest: v4.11 Updated: 2010
AceKard Updated: 2010
Other Originals:
CycloDS iEvolution Latest Bootstrap: v1.1 Firmware: v2.3 Updated: 2011
CycloDS Evolution Latest Firmware: v2.3 Updated: 2011
Official Site
The CycloDS Evolution is Team Cyclops' Slot-1 solution.
The iEvolution is a new card that runs on a DSi in DSi-mode, allowing DSi-enhanced games and homebrew to run.
DS Fire Link Updated: 2008
DS Link Latest: v2.32 Updated: 2009
DSLinker Latest menu: v1.45 xMenu: v2.55 Updated: 2008
DSTT / DSTTi Latest: v1.18 Updated: 2010
Official Site
The TopToy DS (DSTT) is a so-called 'budget' card. The DSTTi is the DSi-compatible version of the card, which shares the same loader.
Official loader updates have stopped so the only updates as of now are community save database updates (note I'm probably very out of date on these).
DS-X Updated: 2008
EDGE / iEDGE Latest: v2.3 Updated: 2011
eWin2 Updated: 2007
EZ Flash Latest EZ5: v3.0ob6 Updated: 2011
Official Site
The EZ Team has their line of EZ Flash cards.
Games 'N Music Updated: 2008
The Datel Games 'N Music was meant to be a mass-market device for the DS, but due to poor compatibility and general uselessness of the device, it never gained much popularity.
iPlayer Latest OS: v1.3 FW: v1.06 Updated: 2011
Official Site
The iPlayer is a audio/video player with an onboard hardware decoder. Because of this it can play most common video formats such as .avi and .mpg without conversion to .dpg
It can also natively run homebrew, with DLDI support.
iSmart Premium / iSmart MM Latest Premium v1.04, firmware v4; MM v2.1 Updated: 2011
Official Site
A more recently released card with open source code.
The iSmart MM is a new card from this team. Similar to the iPlayer and DSTwo, it has an onboard CPU for tasks like native video playback.
iTouchDS / iTouch2, Latest: v3.9a Updated: 2011
Official Site 1, Official Site 2, Official Site 3
The iTouchDS is a 'budget' card from the M3 Team with all the standard features, plus a 'shortcut' feature that allows users to create quick shortcuts to their favourite apps. The iTouch2 is the DSi-compatiable version, which shares the same loader.
Max Media Player Latest Max Overload: v1.61b2 Updated: 2009
N-Card Latest menu: v1.45 xMenu: v2.55 Updated: 2008
The N-Card, or NAND Card, is and original card with a series of clones coming after it (eg. DS Fire Link, MK5, DSLinker, etc). All of these clones use the same firmware and loader.
Neoflash Latest R6: v3.1.2276 Updated: 2010
Official Site
The Neoflash Team have a range of cards.
Ninja Latest: v1.2beta Updated: 2008
Supercard DSTwo Latest Firmware: v1.09 EOS: v1.11-0322 Updated: 2011
Official Site The DSTwo is a new card from the Supercard Team. It contains an onboard CPU, similar to the iPlayer, which allows it to perform various new functions such as Slot-1 GBA emulation.
Supercard DSONE/i Latest: Evolution v1.0 SP6-0427 Updated: 2011
Official Site
The Supercard Team's Slot-1 card series. Comes in SDHC and non-SDHC. The DSONEi is the DSi compatible version of the card.
The Evolution OS is a newly released official loader for the DSONE / DSONEi.
Supercard Latest FW: v1.85 SW: v2.71 Updated: 2010
Official Site
The Supercard Team's Slot-2 card series.
Ultra FlashPass EX Updated: 2007
Other clones and fakes:
DS Fire 2 Latest: v1.0 Updated: 2009
Official Site
This card is an AceKard 2i clone, the loader also has remnants of Fire Card, DSTT, EZ5, and R4 loaders.
DSTT Advance Latest: v2.01a Updated: 2010
Official Site
The 'DSTT Advance' is a clone of the DSTT.
DSTT Fakes Fakekiller tools here Updated: 2009
Loaders or other files relating to fake or other clone DSTTs.
DSTTi Gold Latest: v1.17a12sp8 Updated: 2010
E7 Latest: v2.01 Updated: 2009
EDGEi Latest: v2.10v Updated: 2010
GEi DS Latest: v3.1 Updated: 2011
Official Site
This is another FAKE M3 ripoff.
M3i / M3l Upgrade Latest: v1.45 Updated: 2010
Official Site
The 'M3i Upgrade' and 'M3L Upgrade' are FAKE, CLONES of M3 products. The M3i sounds like it is for the DSi, and the M3L is probably for the original DS.
M3i SDHC Latest: v1.4 Updated: 2009
Official Site
The 'M3i SDHC' is yet another fake/clone.
MARS Latest: v1.03 Updated: 2008
N5 / N5i Latest N5: v1.32 N5i: v3.02 Updated: 2011
Official Site
The N5 is another clone of the R4/M3 Simply.
There is an N5i card now as well, for the DSi.
NCard II Latest: 02082009 Updated: 2009
Official Site
The 'NCard II' is a copy of the NCard and the DSTT.
ND1 Latest: v3.09 Updated: 2009
NPlayer Latest: v3.07 Updated: 2009
TTi Upgrade Latest: v1.19 Updated: 2009
U2DS Latest: v1.7c Updated: 2008
Cruft and Old stuff:
FATlibs and Sourcecode Updated: 2010
Other Updated: 2010
Anything else.
Uncategorised Updated: 2010
Files that have not been assigned a category yet. A temporary holder.
  • This category contains no files.
Tools, Guides and Utilities:
Tutorials and Guides Updated: 2011
Essential Utilities Updated: 2011
Programs, drivers and utilities that are extremely useful.
Great Homebrew Updated: 2010
Popular homebrew applications that nobody should go without.
Emulators for DS Updated: 2009
Contains emulators for other systems that run on the DS, not DS emulators for the PC.
Flashme Updated: 2009
DLDI Updated: 2009
Dynamically Linked Driver Interface, commonly known as DLDI, is a driver framework that allows NDS and GBA homebrew to easily read and write to any number of different devices, just by substituting a driver file.
Everything R4:
Wood R4 Latest: v1.30 Updated: 2011
R4 DS, Latest: v1.18 Updated: 2008
Official Site 1, Official Site 2
The R4 is the well known first-generation Slot-1 card. It's official support has ended and has been discontinued. Many different clones of it have been released however.
R4ds-i Latest: v1.27 Updated: 2010
R4 DSi XL Latest: v2.05 Updated: 2010
R4dsixl3d Latest: v1.8 Updated: 2010
R4-II Latest: v2.07 Updated: 2009
R4-III / R4 Upgrade Latest: v3.09 Updated: 2009
R4-III / R4 Upgrade,,, Latest IIIi: v4.03 III: v3.13 Updated: 2010
Official Site 1, Official Site 2, Official Site 3, Official Site 4
The 'R4-III', 'R4-III Upgrade', 'R4 III New' or possibly 'R4 SDHC Upgrade' is yet another R4 clone. It supports SDHC.
R4-III SDHC Latest: v3.07 Updated: 2008
R4 i.L.S Latest R4: v1.24 R4i: v1.25 Updated: 2009
R4 King Latest: v5.05 Updated: 2010
R4 New / R4 SDHC Latest: v1.35 Updated: 2010
Official Site 1
Another 'R4 SDHC', maybe also named the 'R4 New'. It has a unique loader compared to the other 'R4-New'.
R4-New Latest: v1.50 Updated: 2009
Official Site
The 'R4-New' (possibly also named R4 SDHC or 'R4 SDHC New' or similar) is yet another clone. It is apparently different to the other 'R4 New', each has a unique loader.
R4 Plus Latest: v2.0 Updated: 2009
R4 Plus Latest: v2.01 Updated: 2008
R4 Pro Latest: v1.50 Updated: 2008
Official Site
The R4 Pro is part R4 Clone, and part AceKard RPG clone (the loader is apparently a copy of the RPG's).
R4-Pro Latest: v1.4 Updated: 2009
R4 SDHC, Latest 2010: v2.10T07 R4i: v2.07 R4: v1.34 Updated: 2010
Official Site 1, Official Site 2
Another R4 Clone. Obviously supports SDHC. May also be known as 'NDSL R4'.
R4 Team Latest: v1.19 Updated: 2009
Official Site
The 'R4 Team' R4 may use the original R4 PCB, but they are not the official R4 devs.
R4 Top Latest: v2.05 Updated: 2010
R4 Ultra / R4i Latest: v1.55 Updated: 2009
Official Site
The R4 Ultra is part R4 Clone, and part AceKard RPG clone (the loader is apparently a copy of the RPG's).
The 'R4i' is a DSi-compatiable clone R4 from the same R4 Ultra devs. It shares the same loader.
R4-v / R4i SDHC Latest R4i: v1.46 Updated: 2010
Official Site
There are 'R4-v' cards for the DS and DSi, generically called R4- and R4i-SDHC.
There are at least 4 different R4i's, each with a different loader:
A red PCB that does not support DSi 1.4;
A green and yellow version that supports 1.4;
A red PCB that supports 1.4 with no sticker;
A red PCB that supports 1.4 with a '1.4' sticker;
and maybe a few others.
The 'R4ita' cards are probably from the same place. Try the loaders in that category as well.
R4i Latest: v1.59 Updated: 2010
Official Site
The R4i looks and sounds like a DSi-compatible R4 clone. It was one of the first to release a firmware update to bypass the DSi's 1.4 firmware blocking.
Official Site
Official Site
'R4 Advance', just another clone. There is also an 'R4i Advance', a DSi compatiable card.
R4i ASDHC Latest: v1.4.1h Updated: 2011
R4i Best Latest Gold: v2.02 Best: v2.02 Updated: 2010
Official Site
'R4i-Best' series of clones. There are as shown multiple varying clones with differing names or builds.
R4i-Blue Latest: v1.6 Updated: 2010
R4i Deluxe / R4 Deluxe Latest: v1.30 Updated: 2010
R4i DSHC Latest: v1.8 Updated: 2010
Official Site 'R4i DSHC', yet another generic R4 clone.
R4i DSN Latest: v1.34, Wood R4iDSN: v1.31 Updated: 2011
R4iDSXL / R4i-Gold Latest: v1.6 Updated: 2010
R4i-FIFA Latest: v2.0 Updated: 2010
R4i Gold Latest: v1.50, Wood R4: v1.20 Updated: 2010
R4i Gold Latest: v1.4 Updated: 2010
R4i Gold Latest: v1.32 Updated: 2010
Official Site
The Gold R4i is yet another R4i clone. Made by the same people as (and practically identical to) the Super R4i.
NOTE: There is an apparently improved loader version for this card in the category. Consider trying it instead.
R4i-Gold Latest: v1.57b Updated: 2011
R4i-Gold Latest: v1.9 Updated: 2010
Official Site
Another R4i-Gold
R4i-Gold Latest: v1.44b Updated: 2011
Hyper-R4i Latest: v1.58 Updated: 2010
R4i-II Latest: v1.09b Updated: 2010
R4i NDSill Latest: v1.45 Updated: 2010
R4i NDSiXL 3D Latest: v2.00 Updated: 2010
R4i Neo Latest: v1.35 Updated: 2010
R4i Pocket Latest: v1.04 Updated: 2010
Official Site
Another clone.
R4i Pro Upgrade Latest: v1.27 Updated: 2009
R4i Platinum Latest: v1.34 Updated: 2010
R4i-Redant Latest: v2.24 Updated: 2009
R4i RTS / R4i SDHC, Latest: v2.7e Updated: 2011
Official Site
This R4i, the 'R4i RTS', is apparently being supported by the well known M3 Team. There are 3 editions of this particular card, the R4i, the R4i SDHC, and the R4i RTS, the latter of which supports Real-Time Save.
R4i-SDHC Latest: v1.22b Updated: 2010
Official Site
The R4-SDHC / R4i-SDHC is another clone or namesake of the R4, it may be potentially different though.
R4i-SDHC Latest: v2.0.04b Updated: 2010
Official Site
The R4i SDHC, and the other R4 cards from this site are a range of several individual R4 clones.
R4i-SDHC, Latest: v2.13c Updated: 2010
Official Site 1, Official Site 2 The 'R4i-SDHC' cards from and They are most likely the same card.
R4ita Latest: v2.05 SDHC: v2.5 Updated: 2010
R4itt Latest: v2.01 Updated: 2010
R4i Upgrade Updated: 2009
R4X, Latest: v2.03 Updated: 2010
R4i-Yes Latest: v1.80 Updated: 2010
Super R4i Latest: v1.20 Updated: 2009
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