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Welcome to linFox Domain.
On the site is a series of online tools, games, files and other things. Anything I've ever considered useful or just felt like writing or compiling really.

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News and such

  • 15th-10-2010 Hello World!
    Well this is the new site. Let me know if there are any issues or quirks anywhere, hopefully all is well though.
    Now that's out of the way, there's lots to do in regards to content. See below.
  • 5th-08-2010 So there's a whole lot of things I'm planning or doing or have done recently on the site. Here's what in store:
    • Relaunch and update old services
      A whole lot of things that used to be or still are on the site are untouched, old or not even valid any more, for one reason or another. I need to look at repairing and relaunching all the old stuff I had running around here, namely maybe the proxies list, and the anonymous emailer.
      I might also launch one or two new things I've been kicking around (IP/network tools, stuff like that).
    • Catch up on (more) DS Downloads
      I'm always playing catch-up it seems with all the various updates around the place.
      I'm working on really big changes to the backend of the site to make everything much more organised and controlled (think versioning and file templates, automatic scraping of new content, search, etc) which, if I ever get around to finishing, should bring about much easier (and faster) updates.
    • Redesign the site
      DONE. See above (and all around).
      UPDATE: Nearly done. I've come up with something... different at least from what the site looks like now. I'm in the midst of tying the new design into the site proper, so should be done soonish.
      The site looks like dirt, it hasn't had a major update in years. I haven't cleared out all the cruft that's not been touched in ages (search engines, RSS reader). I'm in the midst of rewriting and restyling the whole site. Eventually it'll look better, load better and just generally be better.
    • Move to a new server
      DONE. I've rather smoothly moved the site to a whole new server. More disk and other resources means faster and better site operation.
    So stay tuned.
  • Support for anything on the website or any other questions is available via the Contact Page.

What's on offer

Nintendo DS Downloads Page

No infringing material is contained. All I host are firmware and software updates for media players. No illegal or copyright data is available.
Every single firmware, software, utility etc file you need for DS media players and other devices. Always online, fast and reliable mirror for every file you'll need to keep your device running.


Need an FTP client but can't use or find one? This is free, online FTP client that you can use purely in your browser.
It works like any other FTP client, with some handy extra features, like direct file editing, multi-file compression and download, and more.

Flash Games

Now hosting 1064 Flash Games!
Suggest the name of any games you want on the site via the Contact Page, and I'll add them.

(Maybe) returning soon:

linFox Domain CGI Proxies Index

The linFox Domain CGI Proxies Index is no longer located here.
Please contact me for the location.

linFox Domain Anonymous Emailer

The Anonymous Emailer has been shut down due to abuse.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Connection

The Microsoft Windows remote desktop web control is available for use. Any internet-facing Windows system with Remote Desktop enabled can be controlled remotely using the official Microsoft remote control applet.

Old junk:

Search Engine Index

A series of search engines have been indexed for easy browsing.

RSS Feed Reader

A quick web based RSS Feed reader.