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Name & Download: DSLinker_v1.40_v2.43_method2.rar
Category: DSLinker
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Date added: 25th-07-2007 Download count: 3081 Last updated: 2007
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Update(2007.07.24):DSLinker firmware 1.40 and XMenu 2.43
New feature:
# 1. Upgrade method 1 released, it's very easy for player to upgrade to firmware 1.39 version.
# 2. XMenu 2.42 released, fixed the date display problem.
# 1. Changed some output message.
# 2. Battery test fail will display RED message.
# 3. Message will be displayed at up screen at USB mode.
# 4. Upgrade firmware from 1.39 to 1.40 do not need to format.
# 5. Support Moonshell as a default setting. Do NOT use older version global.ini.