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Name & Download: MK5_Menu_v1.45_XMenu_v2.52.rar
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CRC32 Hash: 8322d742
MD5 Hash: e349d97f31d7d40547d302b52668b162
SHA-1 Hash: 01d011dc715d87d0af4cad4b2ec691492e5cf8a4
Date added: 21st-07-2007 Download count: 2008 Last updated: 2007
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MK5 8G/16G GIGA cart upgrade core V1.45 + 2.52 XMenu [07-20-2007]

* Optimized the flash low-level core, need re-format the MK5 first,please backup your game save file to PC in advance
* Added 3 format mode to the format page when boot up your NDS and hold SELECT+START
* Fixed one game save bug
* Changed the "wait to loading" screen, and can set the color in global.ini