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Name & Download: GM_v34d.rar
Category: M3 Perfect v31 - v36
Size: 2.46 MB
CRC32 Hash: cb242103
MD5 Hash: aabafa2edc025771802ff59234524121
SHA-1 Hash: 557d5534a58b4e39fc31570978c6e2630c10ecf9
Date added: 13th-07-2007 Download count: 21189 Last updated: 2007
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Game Manager v34d:

1. Update games conversion engine can automatically identify a few games NDS ROM archive of the special structure, Game filing further enhance compatibility;
2. Solve the "1209-Home page of casinos extremism 5 (U.S.)," the problem can not run, now included in the normal use of rapid game;
3. Solve the "1211 - Mario ZX Advent (Japan)," not the normal filing. now normal game;
4. Update, "a pointed links" smart arsenals, Before 1213 all the NDS games can be configured automatically read and mandatory use of Chinese name of the game show.