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Category: AceKard 2/2i
Size: 2.09 MB
CRC32 Hash: 988431b5
MD5 Hash: d67e647e1ac467f21c9e02856ea33ee8
SHA-1 Hash: e7be7876e5ef67d3a82277f207d21b9101ee2a6e
Date added: 17th-05-2011 Download count: 5005 Last updated: 2011
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This update can make your AK2i run DS games on 3DS. The 3DS and 3DS games are not hacked yet. Please be patient.
Please choose a update file to run depends on the type of your console.
"ak2ifw_update_3ds_v1_DSi.nds" for DSi and DSiXL.
"ak2ifw_update_3ds_v1_DSL.nds" for DSL and DSPhat.
Then follow the instruction on screen.
We take no responsibility for any damage of fake cards caused by update.