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Name & Download: Wood_R4iDSN_v1.28.rar
Category: R4i DSN
Size: 947 kB
CRC32 Hash: eba0b505
MD5 Hash: 6f574c7530cd2d22291834aa3935a1bf
SHA-1 Hash: eb94fe888deceea3e373f40687f24139f5a683b5
Date added: 17th-04-2011 Download count: 1159 Last updated: 2011
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Wood R4 / RPG v1.28:

for homebrew that use libefs efs_path filled by loader.

freeze in cheat window fixed then shown additional info for some cheats.
wrong text clipping fixed.
portuguese localization updated.

'lost identities (europe)' fixed.
'dragon quest monsters - joker 2 - professional (japan)' fixed.
'tron - evolution (usa)' fixed.
force save size to 512K for 'monster farm ds 2 - yomigaeru! master breeder densetsu (japan)' & 'monster rancher ds (usa)'.
'powerful golf (japan)' fixed.
'tobidase! kagaku-kun chikyuu daitanken! nazo no chinkai seibutsu ni idome! (japan)' fixed.
'digimon story - super xros wars red (japan)' fixed.
'digimon story - super xros wars blue (japan)' fixed.
'know how 2 (europe)' fixed.
'okamiden (europe)' fixed.