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Wood R4 / RPG v1.26 (4th-03-2011):

softreset hotkey now configurable (Settings->Patches->Reset Hotkey). there are several combinations possible.

after refresh after paste, delete... menu tries to preserve selection position.
spanish localization updated.
romanian localization updated.
russian localization updated.

'pokemon - schwarze edition (germany)' fixed.
'pokemon - weisse edition (germany)' fixed.
'pokemon - edicion negra (spain)' fixed.
'pokemon - edicion blanca (spain)' fixed.
'pokemon - version noire (france)' fixed.
'pokemon - version blanche (france)' fixed.
'pokemon - black version (europe)' fixed.
'pokemon - white version (europe)' fixed.
'yu-gi-oh! 5d"s world championship 2011 over the nexus (japan)' fixed.
'tokyo twilight busters - kindan no ikenie teito jigokuhen (japan)' fixed.