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Category: Supercard DSONE/i
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Date added: 5th-06-2010 Download count: 1824 Last updated: 2010
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Supercard DSONE/i Evolution SP3 (1st-06-2010):

1. Please del the other OS on your microsd card and backup the saves before installing EOS
2. There is no cheat files within EOS, please rename your .dat cheat file into usrcheat.dat then put it under /_dsone/
3. If just cant save for a game and you want to play it before we fixed it, you can open the *.dso file which for that game with notepad, then find the "saver_mode" option, set saver_mode=3 or saver_mode=4. It will change the save patch mode for that game.

For performance improve:
1. Anti-Piracy system upgrade, added new anti-piracy Engine.
2. Fixed some games problem:
GameWatch Game Collection
4825 - Saku Saku Jinkou Kokyuu Care Training (J)
4877 - How to Train Your Dragon (can not save)
4900 - Dragon Quest Monsters Posts joker2 (J)
4933 - Dementium 2 (U)
4951 - Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Game Time
4958 - Captain Tsubasa: Gekito No Kiseki(J)
4963 - Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Masou Kishin THE LORD OF ELEMENTAL (J)
4967 - Create Club DS: World Challenge 2010 (J)
- States husband's super-blood! Plus Football League
Clean mode
4952 - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (E)
For UI update:
1. The skin can customize their own
2. Added the hot key customize defined (Default L+R+START)
Note: Old version patch database can not be use in new OS.

4825 - 大家的水族馆(日本)
4877 AGAIN FBI超心理捜査官游戏(不能存档)
4933 - 病房2(美国)
4900 - 勇者斗恶龙怪兽篇 joker2(日本)
4951 - 大合奏
4958 - 天使之翼:激斗的轨迹(日本)
4963 - 超级机器人大战OG传说:魔装机神 元素领主(日本)
4967 - 创造球会DS:世界挑战2010(日本)
clean 模式运行 4952 - 波斯王子:遗忘之沙(欧洲)

2,添加热键定义 (默认L+R+START)