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Supercard DSONE Evolution v1.0 SP2 (24th-03-2010):

Copy folder "scshell" & file "MSFORSC.NDS" to the memory card.

Program aspects:
1. Redesigned the card reading I/O, greatly enhance the speed of card reading.
2. Fixed to The Legend of Zelda (4544,4594) save size to 8Mbit, 3690 - Made in Ore (J) (3690) save size to 256Mbit, Daigasso! Band Brothers (2385) save size to 64Mbit.
3. Fixed RPG tools for DS, screen mess error, change save size to 256Mbit.
4. Fixed a Real time save bug, some games, such as 0444 etc. no longer crash.
5. Fixed a read patch bug, some games, such as pocket baseball (4518) etc. no longer crashes.
6. Fixed Sonic Classic Collection(4765), Keroro RPG (J)(4762), Alice_In_Wonderland (U)(4760) patch mode crashes error.
7. Fixed Made in Ore(4812) (4274)
Interface aspects:
1. Added a button 'Disable all' in the cheat code system.
2. Greatly reduces the waiting time into the directory (for comparison for before if there are a lot of files, enter directory will slow down)

Some game can run in Clean mode:
3540 - Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzli (Europe) (4k save size)
4237 - Combat of Giants: Dragons (4k save size)
Animal Crossing Chinese Version (2M save size)
4800 Infinite Space (4k save size)
4638 Might & Magic Clash of Heroes (Europe) (64k save size)