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R4i V1.08b kernel:
1. Realtime skin/themes change function (support random skin/themes selection mode).(maximum support up to 8skins)
2.Integrated latest Moonshell 2.01+1 multilingual stable version.
3.Work out the problem of "3690, 3517, 2230, 3369, 3791, 3782, 3790, 3819, 2949, 3055, 3551" etc. games.
save file issue.
4. Able to indicate whether the any contains of the cheat folder has been selected or not at cheat menu.
5. Adding document search / selection mode to speed up the pace in selecting a document. Press the icon at right lower corner of the screen to switch between modes.
6. Identifying and displaying the type of SD, capacity and format.