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Name & Download: bootme_v1.60b2.nds
Category: Max Media Player
Size: 146 kB
CRC32 Hash: 88ed170f
MD5 Hash: 11dacb58d98018abaa27de32d0a9b501
SHA-1 Hash: 5460f195ad08a1df2c6254ce761b667909a1e14b
Date added: 8th-05-2009 Download count: 5016 Last updated: 2009
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07-05-09 Max Overload 1.60B2 (BETA Cell) OUT NOW!!!
psp02ls Many many thanks again, this time for the ideas
portems The five second delay pointed me in the right direction

I do hope this version helps all those who can't get anything to work
Should also fix the sound issues
Get some feedback going, I want to release another version in the next day or two