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Name & Download: bootme_v1.60a5.nds
Category: Max Media Player
Size: 145 kB
CRC32 Hash: 581fc9c6
MD5 Hash: fb137754af9ed4dd244e6f5beba29eee
SHA-1 Hash: 300c4f989c7fd516243d2bd13086868a854658b7
Date added: 1st-05-2009 Download count: 5001 Last updated: 2009
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25-04-09 Max Overload 1.60A5 (ALPHA MALE) OUT NOW!!!
Fixed some cache issues
Auto game fixes restored (didn't patch PS0 or Chrono Trigger)
Fixed graphical glitches if run through MMP frontend

Cybeast Falzar - I will be adding an option screen shortly, smooth scrolling might be in there