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Category: EZ Flash
Size: 3 kB
CRC32 Hash: 4b816544
MD5 Hash: 493971a8eced276e02d5a901b7826b03
SHA-1 Hash: a089cee0be989b2f0cd12ff7e4d218c90e77606d
Date added: 5th-04-2009 Download count: 3091 Last updated: 2009
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EZ5 resetsp.bin update 1st April 2009

Replace the existing file in /moonshl/ to update.

Updated to NDS #3601 - Akai Ito Destiny (J)
Soft reset fixes for:
NDS #3537 - Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (U)
NDS #3545 - Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus (J)
NDS #3546 - Military History Commander: E At War (E)
NDS #3548 - Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars (The Directors Cut) - (E)
NDS #3558 - Think: Train Your Senses (E)
NDS #3573 - Blue Dragon Plus (E)
NDS #3577 - C'est pas Sorcier (France)
NDS #3581 - Keitai SoUkan 7 DS: Buddy Sequence (J)
NDS #3584 - Tennis no Ouji sama: Daburusu no Ouji sama Boys Be Gracious! (J)
NDS #3590 - Lux-Pain (U)
NDS #3595 - Spectral Force Genesis (K)
NDS #3600 - Hotel for Dogs (E)