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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
Size: 2.62 MB
CRC32 Hash: d92b9f0f
MD5 Hash: 334bf28d675b1f588792b6952d74aebc
SHA-1 Hash: fba60ff5c8aa16339542f2e364dbea769869992d
Date added: 12th-04-2008 Download count: 6992 Last updated: 2008
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M3 / G6 DS Real v3.4 x21 (12th-04-2008):

Improvement projects:
1. Further resolved \"0094/0105/0121- Castlevania - Cang on the cross (day / EU / US)\" titles animation microSD card in the low and slow Huaping card problems;
2. Resolved \"0455 - Galaxy soldiers hunting early (day)\" and Chinese language version of the game crashed, can now use the soft reset normal game;
3. Resolved \"2185 - Lost blue 3 (U)\" to enter the caves and other places of the Dead, now can use the soft reset normal game;
4. Resolved \"2207 - Saierda legend Mirage hourglass (K),\" the problem can not be soft reset, can now use the soft reset normal game;
5. Resolved \"2219 - Comedy uninhabited island life ()\" can not be archived, can now be filed and the use of normal soft reset game;
6. Automatic Chinese name to the control of DS support to the 2225 games ROM.

4.解决\"2207-塞尔达传说 幻影沙漏(韩)\"不能软复位的问题,现在可以使用软复位正常游戏;