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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
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M3 / G6 DS Real v3.3 x20 (5th-04-2008):

Improvement projects:
1. NDS game changes the default file named *. sav, corresponding to the transition to the game with SAKURA filing system;
(Compatible with programmes and processes:
Installation of a new version of system, the operation has been carried out NDS game, the game of the default *. 0 archived data will be stored in the new default file *. sav document, the original filing default *. 0 still remain in the microSD card (G6DS Real kept in built-in storage), but the current version of the new system and future versions of the system will not use the *. 0 archive, and the direct use *. sav as the default archive file, in order to achieve to use *. sav archive files transition.
If a user deems it necessary, in the computer manually delete *. 0 archive, *. sav reservations can be archived, it will not lead to progress archived games lost.)
2. Amendment "0062/0133/0165/0187/0370/0381/0814/1327- Madagascar Island (US / British / Italian / German / French / / West / Europe)," the problem can not be normal archiving can now be archived normal games;
3. Resolved "2166 - puppy room (Japan)," the problem can not run, can now use the soft reset start the game;
4. Resolved "2172 - Guitar sector division and Flemish floor hit (Japan)," after a soft reset the game Dead, now can use the soft reset normal game;
5. Resolved "2189 - Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (the United States)" after a soft reset the game Dead, now can use the soft reset normal game;
6. Resolved "2203 - a simple series Vol.35 hominid (Japan)," the problem can not run, can now use the soft reset normal game;
7. Automatic Chinese name to show support for the control of DS games ROM 2204.

安装新版本系统后,运行已执行过的NDS游戏时,该游戏原默认存档*.0的数据将被保存在新建默认存档*.sav文件中,原默认存档*.0仍旧保留在 microSD卡上(G6DS Real保存在内置储存中),但当前版本系统及日后新版本的系统将不会使用该*.0的存档文件,而直接使用*.sav作为默认存档文件,以实现向使用*.sav的存档文件过渡。
4.解决"2172-结界师 黑芒楼袭来(日)"使用软复位后游戏中死机的问题,现在可以使用软复位正常游戏;
5.解决"2189-忍者龙剑传 龙剑(美)"使用软复位后游戏中死机的问题,现在可以使用软复位正常游戏;
6.解决"2203-简单系列Vol.35 原始人(日)"不能运行的问题,现在可以使用软复位正常游戏;