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DSLink software/kernel v2.31

Kernel update procedure

1. Copy_DSLINK_.NDS file to TF card root directory.
2. Enter the DSLink interface to run this NDS file then appears the Kernel update interface for update.User can also enter the Kernel update program by long pressing START key to start the NDS.
3. Press SELECT key in the update interface to begin the update. There will be progress notice when updating,when it appears the notice to turn off the power that means update successfully.
Note: If any error happened when updating, user can follow the instruction or restart to update by long pressing START key again. User can backup _DSLINK.NDS to any GBA backup card that can run NDS file to update DSLink.

Translated English
1. Amended startup MicroSD (TF) 07-03-28 detection, can support all types of cards, including MicroSD (TF maximum 2 GB) and MicroSDHC (maximum 32 GB). At the same time DSLink.dldi patch also has been amended, and can support all types of normal cards.
2. Solve the Chinese language version of the text Pokemon Huaping problems.
3. Resolve the issue of 1860 can not run.
4. According to the forum users gameinfo.ini, games can not be amended filing, please Show gameinfo.ini document.
5. Increase document Goldfinger, Goldfinger support of the game has already reached the total number of 1917.
6. Games in the English name for the updated NDS: 1912.

Original Chinese:
5.增加金手指文件, 目前支持金手指的游戏总数已经达到1917个 。