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Category: EZ Flash
Size: 2.58 MB
CRC32 Hash: 3b30cdd5
MD5 Hash: df387a902a5eb9b797da68389a7cab4d
SHA-1 Hash: 946c707adac53b4663dce7218376b1ce2098d8b6
Date added: 28th-12-2007 Download count: 3105 Last updated: 2007
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Changes since 1.65:

- adjusted the cheat engine, specifically, how cht files are analyzed
- Bootloader was overwriting the saves in the 3in1, this is now fixed (for 3in1 users, please press R and update with EZ5upldr.bin)
- 3in1 setting now defaults to GBALink
- resetsp.bin is updated to 1862
- new function: random skin

About the random skin feature:

The default skin folder is "skin" in moonshl folder.
Add new skins by putting skins in "skin0", "skin1" ... "skin15" in the moonshl folder.
Kernel will randomly pick a skin folder. If the picked folder does not exist, it will use the default skin.
Let's say you have 8 additional skins, that will mean you see default skin half the time.

If you wish to disable the random skin function, just remove all the skin folders except "skin".

The skin pack contains some of the entires from the EZ5 skin contest (on Chinese bbs) a while ago.

1. 修正了金手指解析引擎ZBC&^
2. 修正了Bootloader启动时清空3in1卡存档的问题(有3in1卡的用户本次需要 在启动时按R升级Bootloader)0"#(x
3. 将默认3in1卡设置为GBAlinkR
4. 新增随机皮肤功能 (使用方法见本文下方功能说明)wJSh
5. 附带的resetsp.bin更新到18623AQOd