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Supercard Slot2 software update v2.65 (24th-12-2007):

Safety Tips: Please backup archive file ~ ~

# 1. Fixed the some games save problem. The save type like ROM 1780.
# 2. Optimized flash memory reading speed.

Q: how to upgrade the kernel?
A: Download will flash to extract the core document in the root directory, and the implementation of core documents boot upgrade.

Not pay attention to upgrading power! ! !

Q: My older kernel can directly upgrade to the latest?
A: It depends on the suffix of the kernel
.BIN (complete core package, can directly jump-Upgrading the kernel)
.SCU (patch core package, it can not skip upgrades will be black and white)

Q: Why copy of the core document or boot Tip English ..... XX.
A: Because you may be Chinese and English versions of the SC in the core of the use of English, Slot2-有分a core version of the SCL, SC vibration series.

English is not the kernel in general! English version of the kernel should be downloaded in English, Chinese contrary.

圣诞节快乐-Solt2全系列转换软件V2.65更新 繁體中文

2007-12-24 软件v2.65更新..


- 修正编号1780类型的游戏存档问题
- 优化代码增强读卡速度

Q: 内核如何升级?
A: 下载后将内核文件解压到闪存的根目录,开机执行内核文件进行升级。升级中注意不能


Q: 我的内核比较旧能否直接升级到最新?
A: 这取决于内核后缀名
.BIN (完整内核包,可以直接跳级升级内核)
.SCU (补丁内核包,不可跳级升级否则会白屏)