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Update(2007.12.05): DSONE OS v3.0 Released

RealTime Save --- NO GAME OVER in DSONE world!


The Day is the day we should remember for all SuperCard DSONE user. DSONE OS v3.0 release for all DSONE user in the world.

OS v3.0 provide this dream function as a gift of Christmas. It's RealTime Save! Any time, Any where, Any way to save & load the game.

This is a revolution of this wonderful device. Totally beyond the original performance. OS v3.0 include FOUR dream function.

This is dream function is for all DSONE/DSONE(SDHC) old and new user. Just download the OS v3.0 and upgrade it.

FOUR Dream Function --- The leader of technology in the world. NO GAME OVER in DSONE world.
# 1. RealTime Save (exclusive). The ONLY one which support RealTime Save. Save & Load Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway.
# 2. RealTime Cheat Code. Can turn ON/OFF in the game at anytime. The powerful function easy to play game.
# 3. RealTime Game Guide (exclusive). Can switch in Game Guide screen and game playing screen. Especially for easy play RPG game.
# 4. Multi-save (exclusive). One game support multi-save files. Unlimited save storage beyond original performance.

What's new?
# 1. Added Real Time Save function.
Note: (Need to select the "Real Time Save" option from patch mode, OS will create a a real time save file about 5M, please make sure the flash memory has enough space.)
# 2. Fixed ROM 0908 can not open cheat code menu problem.
# 3. Updated the patch database to 1728.
# 4. Updated the save type database to 1728.
# 5. Added real time save version in ABOUT window, for player to confirm the file is the same version when exchanging real time save file.
Note: (Real time save file with different version are incompatible.)
# 6 Updated the SuperKey.NDS, fixed booting slot 2 problem which cause GBA display scratch.