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CycloDS Evolution v1.2 BETA #3 (the third BETA) has been released and is available for download here. We had not originally planned on releasing any further BETA firmware builds before v1.2 final is ready, however due to some recent (and highly anticipated) game releases which are not compatible with earlier firmware versions we felt it would be better to do an interim release fixing compatibility issues with these games rather than making our customers wait. We've thrown in a few new features and other fixes as well

Changes for this release include:

* Game compatibility fixes (Worms Open Warfare 2 etc)
* Updated DLDI driver, will now allow 3rd party loaders such as DSOrganise and DSChannels to load .NDS files
* Time shown in ingame menu
* Folders starting with '.' are now hidden
* Date and time are now set properly for .sav files
* Fixed problem where skin name would always be shown as "Default" on reboot
* Fixed cheat core bug

We plan to release v1.2 final sometime next week. If any bugs are found in this BETA then please let us know so fixes can be incorporated into the final release.