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CycloDS Evolution firmware v1.2 BETA has been released along with an update to the CycloDS Evolution Moonshell package. Both releases are available for download here. Please note that this is a BETA firmware release, and as such may contain bugs. As a precaution, please backup your MicroSD contents before installing this firmware update.

Some of you may be wondering why we decided to release a public BETA rather than holding off for the final v1.2 release. The primary reason for this is that support for custom cheats codes, which is a feature scheduled for inclusion in the v1.2 release, has not been finalized yet. Unfortunately this means that the custom cheat codes feature is not included in this BETA. However, we have been working on a number of other new features and fixes and felt it was unfair to keep our loyal customers waiting just because this one feature is incomplete, so we decided to do an interim firmware release. The secondary reason for the BETA is that the firmware has undergone many changes “under the hood” and we felt it would be better to allow our users to assist in testing before releasing the final stable build. This is why we must stress that you should only use this BETA if you know what you are doing and accept the risks involved.

Changes for the firmware include:

* Fixed Wii connectivity (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution)
* Moonshell soft reset is now supported
* Several game compatibility fixes
* Multiple skins are supported, selectable in the settings menu
* RAM pack for Opera (clean rom) supported via CycloDS Mini/Micro and EZ3in1
* Rumble for EZ3in1 supported
* DSLinux is now supported
* Ingame menu changes:
o Multi-lingual
o Slowmo adjustable
o Realtime cheat enable/disable
o Improved stability
o Supported for more games
* Added new file view mode - "list view"
* Improved file list sorting method
* Completely new translations: Dutch, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Russian, Tagalog
* All text is now completely translated (GUI, ingame menu and the updater)
* GUI clean-up:
o Buttons for various dialog boxes
o Press B to exit settings screen
o Stopped game list from displaying invalid items
* Loader now reboots into GUI if there is an error (no longer locks on "Loading..")
* Many other miscellaneous fixes/improvements

Changes for Moonshell include:

* Soft reset back to CycloDS Evolution main menu is now supported via RESET.MSE
* Removed redundant warning screen

We will be posting an updated user manual when the final 1.2 firmware build is released. In the meantime, please refer to the following post for a brief description of the new features.

Brief description of new features:

Fixed Wii connectivity (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution)

Previously, attempting to connect to the Wii “Pokemon Battle Revolution” game with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl resulted in a white screen. This problem has now been resolved, and the NDS->Wii connection functions as it should.

Moonshell soft reset is now supported

It’s now possible to reset back to the CycloDS Evolution main menu from Moonshell. Simply launch “RESET.MSE” from the system menu. NOTE: You MUST download the new “Moonshell for CycloDS Evolution” release before this will work! In addition to this, that annoying redundant warning screen which is shown while Moonshell is starting up has been removed.

Several game compatibility fixes

Fixed several game compatibility issues. At the time of writing there are no known game compatibility problems with CycloDS Evolution.

Multiple skins are supported, selectable in the settings menu

It’s now possible to have multiple skins on your MicroSD card at one time, and they can be cycled through the settings menu. For this to work, each skin must have its own subdirectory inside “\CycloDS\skin”, so for example “\CycloDS\skin\Mario” etc

RAM pack for Opera (clean rom) supported via CycloDS Mini/Micro and EZ3in1

The Opera clean ROM is now supported if you have either a CycloDS Mini/Micro or EZ3in1 inserted in slot 2. In either of these cases, the clean ROM is patched automatically so no patches are required. You can still use Opera if you have a different slot 2 device, but you must apply the patches manually.

Rumble for EZ3in1 supported

If you have a EZ3in1 inserted in slot 2, rumble will automatically be enabled for games which support it. You don’t need to manually toggle any settings etc, everything is automatic.

Ingame menu changes

* SlowMotion is now adjustable between 3 different speeds
* The text is now displayed in the same language you’re using in the GUI (not forced to English)
* It’s now possible to temporarily suspend the cheat code engine in-game via the ingame menu
* Stability is substantially improved

Added new file view mode - "list view"

In addition to “File view” and “ROM view”, “List view” is now available. This mode displays 10 items on-screen at once rather than 4.

Translation improvements

ALL text has now been translated – in the GUI, in-game menu and the updater application.
Several entirely new languages are supported: Dutch, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Russian, Tagalog