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Wifi VoiceChat is an online voice chat and drawing client by Moonlight/Infantile Paralysiser, the creator of Moonshell.

Full Changelog:

Version 1.5 2006/12/04

'Default eight color palette' was added to the color picker.
The main window can be scrolled with the cursor key.
The room number is displayed in the main window.

Version 1.4 2006/10/06

The touch panel response accuracy has been improved.
The user interface has been improved.
The click noise of the voice reproduction was reduced.
The network packet was optimized.

Version 1.3 2006/10/02

The touch panel response accuracy has been improved.
The draw tool was optimized a little.
The label according to the language was put up to the private room number.

Version 1.2 2006/09/29

The environment can be selected with the speaker and the headphone.
The network setting can be set for myself.

Version 1.1 2006/09/28

The mistake that had up-loaded the debugging version was corrected. sorry.

Version 1.0 2006/09/28

The voice codec was changed to 16kHz/g.721 (64kbps ADPCM).
The voice was steady by the multiple buffering.
The voice delay has been improved.

Version 0.2 2006/09/25

The Unicode font was added.
The private room function was added.