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Wood R4 / RPG v1.08 (27th-05-2010):

* fatfs core updated to 0.08.
* cheats cause slowdown in some games. fixed.
* softreset/cheats arm7 core updated.
* bug in cheat custom code processing fixed.

* 'alice in wonderland' was broke in previous version.
* soft-reset fixed in 'viva pinata - pocket paradise'.
* some lags fixed in 'ultimate mortal kombat' & 'minna no conveni (japan)'.
* 'not enought memory' bug in 'miami nights' fixed.
* 'petz - fantasy (europe)' fixed.
* 'cosmetic paradise - kirei no mahou (japan)' fixed.
* 'jam with the band (europe)' fixed. game has 32 mbyte save.
* 'prince of persia - the forgotten sands (europe)' fixed.
* 'sonny with a chance (europe)' fixed.
* 'blue dragon - awakened shadow (usa)' fixed.
* 'captain tsubasa - gekitou no kiseki (japan)' fixed.
* 'super robot taisen og saga - masou kishin - the lord of elemental (japan)' fixed.
* 'medarot ds - kabuto ver.' & 'medarot ds - kuwagata ver.' fixed.
* 'g.g series - collection+ (japan)' fixed.
* 'saka tsuku ds - world challenge 2010 (japan)' fixed.
* 'tetris party deluxe (usa)' fixed.