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Category: Wood RPG
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CRC32 Hash: 8307aefc
MD5 Hash: 85ad5f35dd3034f8c7d9ec125694fed2
SHA-1 Hash: f13c29057253f31089d099321944dcc1679f5164
Date added: 9th-05-2010 Download count: 1416 Last updated: 2010
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Wood RPG (v1.03) by Yellow Wood Goblin

[*] libelm used instead devkit libfat. libelm based on ChaN FatFs R0.07e library. (
[*] last sector reading bug workarounded in sd driver.
[*] devkitARM r27 and libnds 1.4.0 used.
[*] radio cheats deselection fixed. (
[*] info shown about each cheat.
[*] 'combat of giants - dragons (europe)' fixed.
[*] 'inazuma eleven 2' fixed.
[*] 'imagine journalist (europe)' fixed.
[*] 'biggest loser (usa)' fixed.
[*] 'blue dragon - ikai no kyoujuu (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'kh 358/2 (europe)' fixed.
[*] 'shin megami tensei - strange journey (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'mario & luigi - bowser's inside story (europe)' fixed.
[*] 'atama3' fixed.
[*] 'iron master - the legendary blacksmith (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'mario & sonic at the olympic winter games (usa)' fixed.
[*] 'mario & sonic at the olympic winter games (europe)' fixed.
[*] 'kimi ni todoke - sodateru omoi (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'element hunter (japan)' fixed.
[*] soft reset fixed in 'rune factory 3 (japan)'.
[*] graphic glitches fixed in 'mario & luigi - bowser's inside story' in dma mode.
[*] soft reset in 'ping pals' fixed.
[*] 'style boutique (europe)' fixed.
[*] same fix for 'il2 (usa)' as for 'il-2 (europe)' in previous release.
[*] 'final fantasy gaiden (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'umihara kawase shun - second edition kanzenban (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'fresh precure! - asobi collection (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'imagine rescue vet (europe)' fixed.
[*] 'summon night x - tears crown (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'rabbids go home (europe)' fixed.
[*] 'c.o.p. - the recruit (europe)' fixed.
[*] dma fixed in 'barbie and the three musketeers'.
[*] dma fixed in 'world of zoo'.
[*] 'phantasy star 0 (usa)' fixed.
[*] 'rockman exe - operate shooting star (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'tamagotchi no narikiri channel (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'c.o.p. - the recruit (usa)' fixed.
[*] 'harvest moon - sunshine islands (usa)' fixed.
[*] softreset fixed in 'jonas (usa)'.
[*] softreset fixed in 'lego indiana jones 2 - the adventure continues (europe)'.
[*] softreset fixed in 'spongebob's truth or square' games.
[*] 'mario and sonic at vancouver olympics (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'wizardry - inochi no kusabi (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'layton 4 (japan)' fixed.
[*] softreset fixed in 'lego indiana jones 2 - the adventure continues (usa)'.
[*] 'cooking mama 3 (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'ochaken no heya ds 4 (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'battle of giants - dragons (usa)' fixed.
[*] 'kaijuu busters (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'might & magic - clash of heroes (usa)' fixed.
[*] 'cross treasures (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'rilakkuma rhythm - mattari kibun de dararan ran (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'power pro kun pocket 12 (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'legend of zelda - spirit tracks (usa)' fixed.
[*] 'mario and sonic at the olympic winter games (korea)' fixed.
[*] 'kamonohashikamo. - aimai seikatsu no susume (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'legend of zelda, the - spirit tracks (europe)' fixed.
[*] softreset fixed in 'mario & luigi - bowser's inside story (europe) (demo) (kioks)'.
[*] 'kuru kuru princess tokimeki figure mezase vancouver (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'gokujou!! mecha mote iinchou - mm town de miracle change! (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'metal fight beyblade - bakutan cyber pegasis (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'kyokugen dasshutsu 9 jikan 9 nin 9 no tobira (japan)' fixed.
[*] 'nintendo presents - crossword collection (europe)' fixed.