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Name & Download: R4iGold_v1.8b_Italian.rar
Category: R4i-Gold
Size: 18.15 MB
CRC32 Hash: fe1f74fa
MD5 Hash: 121888ca3897d6368235007c2a6165d8
SHA-1 Hash: be4355837f3e9780f1d44c2ebadaad88a2673ed3
Date added: 15th-03-2010 Download count: 3045 Last updated: 2010
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R4i-Gold ( v1.8b (27th-02-2010)
R4i-Gold ( v1.14b (3rd-01-2010)

v1.8b is for cards manufactured after 28th-02-2010, v1.14b is for cards before then