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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
Size: 7.20 MB
CRC32 Hash: 64a8ba27
MD5 Hash: ec4912169025cfa1cb57652acdb5d130
SHA-1 Hash: bcd68d7994047252651225014c8539108d4c7350
Date added: 14th-06-2009 Download count: 10521 Last updated: 2009
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Improvement projects:
1. Amendments "3808 - My analog gathering (U)" can not use real-time archiving issues;
2. Solution "3812 - killer strategy:利提that迦德War (J)" can not use real-time archiving issues;
3. Solve the "3819 - Kingdom Hearts: 358 / 2 days (days)" the problem of abnormal operation, can now normal game;
4. Solution "3820 - watch your language Spanish (E)" soft reset to joining, the game is the problem of abnormal operation;
5. Solution "3833 - Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Stardust to accelerate the 2009 World Cup (U)" does not use real-time archiving issues;
6. To resolve "3835 - CM1 and CM2 pass (law)" in the accession to the soft reset, the game is the problem of abnormal operation;
7. Solution "3841 - Legend of the battle! pirates Mission (U)" does not use real-time archiving issues;
8. Chinese name automatically control support to 3857 show that its DS game ROM.
Note: As of date, all NDS games can be normal operation, can not use the soft reset the game 58, can not use real-time archive of 98 games.
** Part of network of CLEAN DUMP download NDS ROM data may be wrong, such as encountered in the version number when it is published in the normal operation of ROM can not be the case, please pay attention to check whether the correct ROM file
** Details on the real-time operation of the archive, please refer to Web site "service and support" and "Download - Download Manual" published in "M3DS Real archive features real-time operating instructions"

4.解决'3820-留意您的语言 西班牙语(欧)'在加入软复位的情况下,游戏运行不正常的问题;
5.解决'3833-游戏王5D's 星尘加速者世界冠军杯2009(美)'不能正常使用即时存档的问题;
7.解决'3841-传说的斯塔菲 对决!达伊鲁海盗团(美)'不能正常使用即时存档的问题;
**部分网络提供下载的CLEAN DUMP的NDS ROM数据可能有错误,如遇到版本发布时编号内ROM不能正常运行的情况请注意检查ROM文件是否正确
**关于即时存档的详细操作方法,请参考网站'服务与支持'的'下载专区-说明书下载'中发布的'M3DS Real即时存档功能操作使用说明'