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Name & Download: bootme_v1.60b3.nds
Category: Max Media Player
Size: 147 kB
CRC32 Hash: 24c19078
MD5 Hash: 87f3605d81302f7dc8370e64058e56e2
SHA-1 Hash: 04efaa9c733b6c892ffca58bf7e0885005d75f8e
Date added: 9th-05-2009 Download count: 5076 Last updated: 2009
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08-05-09 Max Overload 1.60B3 (BETA Ceti) OUT NOW!!!
psp02ls AGAIN! Many many thanks again for all the testing

Fixed issues with SanDisk CF cards
Fixed Kingston delay problem when running game
Fixed slow ARM9 access
Fixed missing game name for homebrew without banners
Added file count display for thumb slide (bottom of screen)
Added flashing loading text to show activity