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MD5 Hash: 32089aed025b3421e3e1c768e82747d3
SHA-1 Hash: 5fd8db58b134c2a83130137adf7f84d227688c96
Date added: 1st-05-2009 Download count: 1641 Last updated: 2009
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Moonshell v2.00 beta 12 (29th-04-2009):

DPGPlay: The pause was keeped though it sought while doing the pause.
FileList: Corresponded shuffle play. (but, DPG player is random play. �j
FileList: Stop and power supply OFF were able to do when it finished reproducing the playlist.
FileList: The bug that the last character of ID3TagV1 is lost was corrected.
TextReader: The position of a setting item was made flexible.
System: The soft reset file for DSTT was made.
System: Deleted POffMEnd.txt on /misctools/Additional folder.
System: The bug in which the backlight was not defined by old DS was corrected.
ScreenSaver: The idle time is revokable.
ScreenSaver: Not the clock but the backlight can be turned off.
ScreenSaver: The clock draws a day of the week.
SkinFile: Changed name to MP3Cnt_p4_shuffle.png from MP3Cnt_p4_random.png.
SkinFile: Changed Custom_BG.bmp size to 256x512pixels from 256x384pixels.
SkinFile: SCN_WeekStr.png, SCD_WeekStr.png, SCE_WeekStr.png added.
LanguageFile: SSC_ScreenSaverTimeOutSecTitle, SSC_ScreenSaverTimeOutSec10sec, SSC_ScreenSaverTimeOutSec30sec, SSC_ScreenSaverTimeOutSec60sec, SSC_ScreenSaverTimeOutSecOff implimented.
LanguageFile: Changed to FL_Popup_PlayMode_Shuffle from FL_Popup_PlayMode_Random.
LanguageFile: CS_PlayListEndTitle, CS_PlayListEndLoop, CS_PlayListEndStop, CS_PlayListEndPowerOff added.