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Category: DSTT / DSTTi
Size: 66 kB
CRC32 Hash: 1963638b
MD5 Hash: c192ccb2cc99861de1a000df10c04af3
SHA-1 Hash: 0849322016c49d7380adce0f0ee8592acec12679
Date added: 24th-04-2009 Download count: 4157 Last updated: 2009
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This tool is used to check whether your DSTTi (not DSTT, TTi only) is a genuine unit or a fake/clone.

To verify the integrity of the checking app (TTiCheck_v1.0.nds itself, not the zip file containing it):
File size is 136704 bytes
Has a CRC32 of 44E11DAA
Has an MD5 of 3015AA90B2DBB39FB8DE4480E8478A02

If these checks do not match, the app has been modified (or your download is corrupted) and your results may not be legitimate.

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