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SuperCard DS ONE (& SDHC) v3.0 SP3 (19th-03-2008):

1) Updated: ndsinfo.dat (2064)
2) Added: DMA option in patch mode, A small fraction of the games need to enable this option (it may cause some games run instability)
3) Fixed: the bug of 1770 Chinese Translated version
4) Added: Support the linkage of Pokemon D/P and GBA Pokemon (Need SuperCrad SD or SuperCrad MINISD or SuperCrad LITE or SuperCrad CF in slot-2)
5) Added: a hotkey: R+B to enter the slot-2 GBA mode
6) Fixed: the MoD (Moogles of Death) Thank You screen of 2107
7) Changed: the "Add" bottom in multi-saver windows is for adding a new BLANK save
8) Fixed: the bug which may cause games run slowly when u use the realtime save function