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Name & Download: NDSTokyoTrim_v2.10.exe
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A rom trimmer for Nintendo DS (NDS & GBA)

- Batch processing
- Recursive folder scanning
- Auto detection for Wifi games
- Auto detection of already trimmed games
- Auto fix of incorrect trimming from other trimmers
- Extremely fast
- Trims NDS and GBA roms
- RAR/ZIP/7zip support
- It works for all the currently known cards for DS (R4, Acekard, M3, CycloDS, G6 etc..)

OS Compatibility
- 32bit windows from win95 to Vista; Linux under wine
- No 7zip for win9x and Linux
- Not compatible with 64-bit Vista
- Does not require .net sh**

What's New : v2.10
- Extremelly improved GBA trimming routines
- fixed: dragged compressed roms didn't enable the trim button
- added save log button to the expanded log window
- Ability to disable the background or use custom ones from a random list (or fixed one)
- Added command line option to import 1 compressed or uncompressed rom (drag to the .exe or use open with..)
- Alpha blending slider (window transparency)
- Faster start-up
- Fixed savings counter which was limited to 2GB.
- Fixed compatibility with win9x and Linux (wine)

To-do list:
- finish arm7 fix
- thorough bricker check
- filename scene numbers removal