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Update(2008.01.01): DSONE/DSONE(SDHC) OS3.0 SP1 released

Happy New Year to all of you. DSONE/DSONE(sdhc) OS3.0 SP1 released. We redesigned the realtime save program. Realtime save function speed is much faster than before. Especially for SDHC version. It can be saved and loaded in 2 seconds. It has become a very very applied function. We supercard team release it as a new year gift for all DSONE user. :)

Main Feature:

# 1.Upgraded the Realtime save function speed. Now, save/load speed is much faster than before. SDHC version can save and load in 2 seconds.
# 2.Added RESET plug in. Homebrew software Imgview can press START to use RESET function.
# 3.Fixed DLDI data align problem.
# 4.Homebrew software do not creat *.sav and *.sci files to save the storage space.
# 5.Added the config database for each game. Player can setup patch info. for each game dividual.
# 6.Added write card check-up to avoid error when writting card.
# 7.Fixed some problems in patch database.
# 8.If realtime save make noise, please close NDS to sleep mode and open can fix the problem.

Important:Please backup the save before upgrade OS.

元旦快乐-SUPERCARD DSONE 内核V3.0 SP1更新 繁體中文
前言:首先在这祝大家元旦快乐,程序员很努力在节日到来前给大家献上最新的软件,希望大家节日期间玩的开心~ 因为sc主页的服务器维护所以由其他网站帮忙分流,给大家带来不便敬请谅解。

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