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AceKard RPG menu 4.06 update (24th-12-2007):

1. Fix a bug when display free space of 6G or more larger SDHC card.
2. Add translations for soft-reset and so on.
If your RPG prompt that your TF card can't run games on it please try to modify file "sdlist.ini" at /__rpg and enter a smaller number at [SD Card Speed]. It'll make RPG won't display the warnning and run games from TF card. But some games can't run well by this way. You must copy them to flash to run it.
Source code of 4.06 has been released too.

1. 修正了6G以及以上大容量sdhc卡在菜单中剩余容量显示的错误。
2. 加入了软复位等功能的多语言翻译。
如果你的RPG提示你的TF卡不能运行游戏,请修改/__rpg目录下的"sdlist.ini"文件。把[SD Card Speed]下的数字修改为较小的数字以便RPG不再提示无法从TF卡上运行。但是这样的话可能某些游戏还是无法运行,必须拷贝到到flash中执行。