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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
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CRC32 Hash: 8cf500f5
MD5 Hash: b998b6d76da523fab107e8361e4fe1d3
SHA-1 Hash: 7d0ee0f7648b87779feb6368b06a3eb7bf93e657
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M3 / G6 DS Real v2.7e x14 (14th-12-2007):

Translated English:
1. DLDI improve the compatibility and related system error;
2. Solve part of the game in a different brand of microSD card may not have the normal operation of the problem;
3. Resolved "1809 - the beginning of the Galaxy soldiers hunting (Kor)," the problem can not be soft reset, can now use the soft reset normal game;
4. Automatic Chinese name to show support for the control of DS games ROM 1817.

Original Chinese:
3.解决"1809-银河战士 初猎(韩)"不能软复位的问题,现在可以使用软复位正常游戏;