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AK RPG menu 4.05 update (10th-12-2007):

What's new
1.Support soft-reset now. Please press "start" key when entering ak menu. And enable "soft reset" in "special" item.
Please use "L+R+A+B+Down" to reset game to ak menu.
2.Press R to adjust light won't write to config file. But it still will be written to the config file when change it from start menu or touch the icon. This change is to avoid touch R key when you turn off the DSL. And thus will shutdown when write file and crash the file system.

Known issues
A few games could run well when enable "special" items. Please disnable it/them to run the game.
The source code will be released in a few days.

We need translate the new strings to Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese and Germany. If you can help us please contact us via Thank you.

AK RPG菜单4.05 更新