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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
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MD5 Hash: 84f6d5c330108018228af19d1021ea98
SHA-1 Hash: e314c0d3a2ffe05f0418989ccedde4eeaeb56536
Date added: 4th-12-2007 Download count: 4630 Last updated: 2007
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M3 / G6 DS Real loader v2.7c x12 (4th-12-2007):

Translated English:
1. Improve the speed and directory interface shows the operating efficiency
2. Solve M3DS Real in the running, "1770 - Shengjie legend (Japan)," the titles animation can not play, can now normal sowing mobiclip all animation video format; (G6DS Real no such problems)
3. Automatic Chinese name literally means that the control support to the 1770, DS games ROM.

Original Chinese:
2.解决M3DS Real在运行"1770-圣洁传说(日)"片头动画不能播放的问题,现在可以正常播mobiclip视频格式的所有动画;(G6DS Real无此问题)