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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
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G6 and M3 DS Real v2.42b (21st-10-2007):
Translated English:
Improvement projects:
1. Amended and Perfect series of M3Lite, M3 - miniSD, M3-SD interactions can not be part of the normal GBA games filing;
2. An increase of GBA games immediately filed backup to G6DS Real M3DS Real built-in storage or the microSD card functions;
3. English version of the automatic system in the name of the game shows that bilingual text display to switch to English;
4. Chinese name automatically support to the 1522 show that the control of DS games ROM.

Original Chinese:
2.增加了GBA游戏即时存档备份到G6DS Real内置储存或M3DS Real的microSD卡的功能;