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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
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Note: G6/M3DS Real products kernel V2.42a X, limited Chinese version G6DS Real and M3DS Real use.

一. 1. 改进项目: Improvement projects:
1.修正了多媒体扩展功能对部分品牌的microSDHC不能正常兼容的错误; 1. Amendments to the multimedia extensions on some brands of normal microSDHC not compatible wrong;
2.修正了使用第二套外挂皮肤时,导致软复位、引导等功能失常的系统错误; 2. The second set of amendments to the use of external skin, leading to soft reset, and guide the system dysfunction such as wrong;
3.修正了慢动作热键L+SELECT组合键选项失常的错误; 3. Amendments to the slow motion hotkey combination of L + SELECT button options mad wrong;
4.自动中文名称显示对照支持到1511号DS游戏ROM。 4. Chinese name automatically support to the 1511 show that the control of DS games ROM.