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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
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M3 DS Real and G6 DS Real kernel v2.41 X beta English.

1. Improvement projects:
1. Game system supports UNICODE Coding Manual of Style Chinese, Japanese characters display;
2. The functional changes in the ranking icon location, and further user-friendly;
3. GBA games formal support SLOT-2 interface card products Perfect M3 film series and Real series dedicated GBA games expansion accessories (GBA Expansion Pack);
4. GBA games immediate increase archiving functions (GBA games each on a group of real-time archiving)
* Immediate filing of the temporary use only game, and not saved to SD card, in the end GBA games ago, please confirm whether or not the game itself in the position of filing complete archiving function, G6DS Real and M3DS Real GBA games only preserve the hardware archiving to microSD card.
5. GBA games M3 Game Manager Goldfinger support incidental *. cht Goldfinger documents can be loaded manually choose;
6. Chinese name automatically support to the 1500 show that the control of DS games ROM.