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Category: M3 Simply
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CRC32 Hash: dce2b7d7
MD5 Hash: 5cf3517212e680f358553a897652e62c
SHA-1 Hash: 5d71b097b912fd99c1c12788b814f5f0d3990e45
Date added: 31st-07-2007 Download count: 3999 Last updated: 2007
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M3 DS Simply v1.07 Loader:

1) Solved the soft reset of some games, for example: 1158 Zelda
2) Solved the white screen issue of game 1209
3) Adding the on/off option for real-time cheats switch
4) Updated moonshell to v1.71 and supporting soft reset
5) Full download play support(Please use trim_tool 2.0 to trim ROMs)