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Category: M3 Sakura
Size: 23.51 MB
CRC32 Hash: bd060ca5
MD5 Hash: b65858db859a40914b80ecd1344765a3
SHA-1 Hash: 7a4f1c7be1db2b25cf0b1eea2b252939e7f95e07
Date added: 22nd-09-2010 Download count: 10733 Last updated: 2010
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M3Sakura v1.49 (21st-09-2010):
1. M3i Zero corresponds to firmware version v1.6.1, so soft Reset / instant archive correctly in the firmware back to the main menu;
2. Amendments made software M3i Zero cassette type GMP-Z003 DLDI failure on the issue;
3. Fixed some M3i Zero cassette type GMP-Z003 on the issue can not properly boot the system;
4. Use the M3DS Real v4.8f game compatibility engine