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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
Size: 13.04 MB
CRC32 Hash: d0af6ff9
MD5 Hash: 49e6f2a9b1279e70712fba5c64be2cc0
SHA-1 Hash: 65aa1361bf5fcf4bd678bce9caa2d1a0bbe40154
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M3 / G6 DS Real & M3i Zero v4.8e x71 (14th-08-2010):
1. Fix the compatibility of game 5110,5116,5123,5124,5129,5133,5135,5136,5143,5155,5156,5158,5166,5197
2. Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 5116,5126
3. Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 5147
(game tested up to 5200)