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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
Size: 7.93 MB
CRC32 Hash: 406e1a98
MD5 Hash: 866f59025026e391f9f5120464b50057
SHA-1 Hash: 0609e712cf3784bf3b67dbdd3df9073f3c5367d1
Date added: 15th-01-2010 Download count: 8402 Last updated: 2010
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M3 / G6 DS Real & M3i Zero v4.7d x61 (15th-01-2010):

1. Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 4616,4622,4624,4625,4637,4639
2. Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 4611,4614,4617,4625,4626,4630,4651
3. Fix the compatibility of game 4611,4617,4638,4650,4654
4. Fix the cheat code function of game 4527,4544,4594
(game tested up to 4657)