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M3 Sakura v1.44 x (24th-11-2009):
Improvement Project (relative to M3 Sakura v1.43 X and M3 Real v4.5 X):

1. To increase the game's global settings feature that has set a unified set of options for games or additional game parameters;
2. Game RealTime Game of automatic bookmark Save function;
3. Game engine Using M3DS Real System v4.6Beta, game compatibility the same as M3 Real v4.6beta.

1. 增加游戏的全局设置功能,可以统一设置已设定游戏或新增游戏的选项参数;
2. 游戏即时攻略增加自动书签保存功能;
3. 使用M3DS Real原版系统v4.6Beta X游戏运行引擎,游戏兼容性和M3DS Real原版系统v4.6Beta X相同。