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M3 Sakura v1.43 x13 (28th-10-2009):

Improvement Project: (relative to M3 Sakura v1.42X and M3 Real v4.5BetaX)
1. Integrated Europe/USA version and Asian languages - Asian and EuroUSA hardware is compatible;
2. Added Danish interface;
3. Uses M3DS Real System v4.5X game engine, game compatibility the same as M3DS Real System v4.5X

改进项目:(相对亚洲版樱花系统v1.42 X和M3原版系统v4.5Beta X)
1.整合欧美版语言界面,支持在欧美版和亚洲版的M3DS Real和M3i Zero硬件上同时使用;
3.使用M3DS Real原版系统v4.5 X游戏运行引擎,游戏兼容性和M3DS Real原版系统v4.5 X相同。