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Category: M3 Sakura
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Date added: 25th-12-2008 Download count: 3127 Last updated: 2008
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NDSMovie v1.34 DSM Converter (25th-12-2008):

To improve the project:
PC-side conversion software components:
1. Conversion software upgrade to version 1.34, software name "M3 SAKURA Ver1.34 Chinese + Korean";
2. Conversion software in all of the "M3 Sakura" changed to "M3 SAKURA";
3. To amend part of the installation package spelling errors in foreign languages;
4. Installation package all of the "M3 Sakura" changed to "M3 SAKURA";

1.转换软件升级为1.34版,软件名'M3 SAKURA Ver1.34 Chinese+Korean';
2.转换软件中所有的'M3 Sakura'改为'M3 SAKURA';
4.安装包中所有的'M3 Sakura'改为'M3 SAKURA';