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M3 Sakura v1.33 A01 Asian (14th-12-2008):

Improvement projects: (relatively Sakura Japanese system v1.12 X and the original M3 system v4.2a X)
1. Japanese cherry symbol "M3 Sakura" to international logo "M3Sakura";
2. Boot full-screen animation shows that the abolition of the original proceedings tips line;
3. Japanese cherry pink theme interface to modify the Chinese version of the Asian theme of the cherry;
4. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean showed that the core of e-books, such as support for the golden finger corresponding to the need for text;
5. The use of the latest Korean font and display rules, you can display the current integrity of all the Korean language;
6.M3DS Real's NDS game, GBA game settings menu features all integrated into the cherry interface, seamless operation of jump;
7. Accession to the archive features real-time super-NDS (NDS every game at the same time the use of real-time 3 Group filed at any time switch);
* M3Sakura immediate opening of the archive will feature in the game the same directory at the same time to create real-time 3 archive
8. Accession to the GBA game and the support and linkage to achieve the GBA game features;
* The need to adjust to the GBA expansion card (GBA Expansion Pack) or other SLOT-2 card Perfect film series
9. Goldfinger support more formats (M3 dedicated DB format, R4-specific DAT format, XML format, AR CODE, etc.);
10. Goldfinger support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean projects show;
11. Goldfinger support smarter way to search the match, a more stable performance, more compatibility;
12. Goldfinger updates to the database file on December 6, 2008 corresponding to the latest games and to provide built-in multi-lingual version of the document Goldfinger;
13. M3 using the original system v4.2a X to run the game engine, game compatibility and M3 the same as the original system v4.2a X;
14. Multimedia-compatible video formats DSM, DSM and the corresponding video coding standard 2.2 and 2.0;
15. M3 integration of the original system v4.2b X, for the first time be able to boot using the default choice of cherry or original system;
* Replacement of the latter part of the default system, to be M3DS Real in the boot before the screen by holding down the A button can be demonstrated once again the preferred system settings menu.