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M3 Sakura v1.12+1 Japanese.

Unoffical list of changes since v1.11 (from Densetsu3000)

Reboot after entering NDS ROM config menu: NO LONGER REQUIRED
Whether you save or cancel your settings, it automatically goes back to Sakura's main GUI.
This only works for NDS ROMs; you still need to turn off the DS after going into the GBA ROM config menu.

Long cheat descriptions in the cheat select menu: FULLY DISPLAY ON TOP SCREEN
In the original firmware, when cheat descriptions were too long, they just got cut off at the end of the screen and
there was no way of knowing what the rest said. Now when you highlight a cheat with a long cheat description in the lower screen,
you can see the entire cheat description displayed on the top screen.

In the NDS ROM config menu, there's a new icon [GBA??] (GBA Load) that lets you load a GBA ROM into memory.
How to Enable NDS-GBA Linkage:
1. Slide the NDS ROM to the left (or highlight the ROM and press Y) to access the NDS config menu.
2. Tap the [GBA??] icon, then browse to the folder containing the GBA ROM you want to load onto your Slot-2 memory expansion pack.
3. Highlight the GBA ROM and press A. You will see "SELECT FILE: ROMpathROMname.gba" on the top screen. Press A again to return to the NDS ROM config menu.
4. Tap the [???] icon to save, and the NDS ROM will automatically load with the GBA ROM you designated loaded onto the Slot-2 memory.

Real-time save for NDS ROMs: NON-EXISTENT
In fact, the icon has been removed from the NDS config menu. It's not even an option anymore.

Homebrew compatibility: STILL CRAPPY