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Category: M3/G6 DS Real and M3i Zero
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Triple Boot *English Edition* contains the following:

M3/G6 English Firmware v3.9b
iTouchDS English Loader v2.1
Sakura Unofficial Fully Translated Hacked English 1.11x With SP1

The latest CHEAT.db (9-20-08) "Thanks & Credit to Narin and his hard work!" (UPDATED)
(Go to Narins's official CHEAT thread here for the latest updates between my updates.)
The NEW massive CHEAT compilation thread

All three are booting up and playing NDS and GBA games, I'm unsure if anything has changed with homebrew support.

The file contains a READ ME and I suggest you read it, it contains important information.

*As a warning don't change any of the files within the SYSTEM folder or you risk the Triple Boot Loader to work incorrectly!*

This has been tested on my M3Real Perfect (English) and is known to work. This will not run properly on the iTouch DS.

Thanks all goes to Rudolph for making this all possible and some credit for me I guess for configuring it to boot all English.